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The Future of Undead Blackout and Borderline Inappropriate Game Studios

Things have been a little quiet around here lately which is not great, but there is a good reason for ...
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Undead Blackout 1.2 Patch Notes

Just in time for Easter/Cadbury’s Chocolate Appreciation Day I am delighted to drop the 1.2 patch (not 1.3 as I ...
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Our First Month On Steam

Over a month ago we launched our first ever “proper” game (sorry mobile games market) and despite reading every single ...
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Undead Blackout v1.1. – The Mega List Of Updates

It has been two weeks since Undead Blackout launched and in that time I have not put my feet up ...
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Undead Blackout Launch Trailer

It is here! The launch trailer is here! ...
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No but seriously, where is Undead Blackout?

You may have noticed that January is over. It is now February. Undead Blackout has still not released meaning we ...
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