January is almost over so where is Undead Blackout?

You may remember a trailer for Undead Blackout from a while back where I boasted “COMING JANUARY 2017” and you may have also noticed that it is currently January 2017 and the game has not yet been released. Time for an update right? Here goes…

The game isĀ almost finished. I mean it will never be finished to a level where I am totally happy with it but that’s because I am a ridiculous perfectionist and if I had my way nothing would ever get released ever, but the game is very nearly at a point where I am happy to unleash it on the masses. There has been a huge amount of work put into it over the past few months as well as a massive amount of playtesting from myself and others which has been vital in weeding out strange bugs.

All that remains is to add in a couple of missing models (a boat being the main objective for today!) and a bit of music needs refining but at the moment that is kind of it. I am sure that all manner of strange bugs will surface over the next couple of days as I playtest it to death once again but the current plan is to release the game on Steam on the 31st January. If not that day, then it will be very shortly after that!

Once the game is out in the wild then I will make sure that there are no gamebreaking bugs that I somehow missed but then it will be onto the Xbox One version. Thanks to Unreal Engine being as amazing as it is, the process of getting the Xbox One version ready to submission to Microsoft won’t take long at all, getting through cert is another matter entirely and once I have more info on an Xbox One release date I will of course share that.

Beyond that I still have hopes of releasing on PS4 but I am only one man and can only really concentrate on one thing at a time (insert pun here) and of course I would love to get this onto the Nintendo Switch but at the time of writing I am unsure how to go about this as the Nintendo Developer Portal currently only talks about Wii U and 3DS. But Switch is definitely something I am keeping an eye on.

Anyway, that is enough of an update for now, back to the game which will hopefully be available to purchase in just six days time.