Undead Blackout Updated To Version 1.5

It is almost Christmas and just in time for remembering that baby that got born in that book that one time, Undead Blackout is receiving another update! Also (and obviously more importantly) in time for the Steam Winter Sale! There are quite a few significant changes to be found in the list below including fixing some horrendous bugs that made it through last time round so without further ado…

Patch Notes


1. Finally Steam Achievements have made it into Undead Blackout, there are 20 of them for the time being but chances are I will add in some more at a later date. The full list can be found within Steam

2. The opening of Redfield Manor never quite felt right to me so this has been totally changed, the Bronze key is now found in a shed or nearby clearing down the side of the Manor, you can no longer actually get round to the back of the Manor before going into the building itself.

As well as the start of the level, changes have been made to the end of the level. Instead of going into that little shed thing, the entrance to the Sewers is now through a tunnel in the cliffs. This is an entirely new area of the level and obviously not accessible until you find the Gold key.

Naturally positions of weapons, ammo, health etc have all been updated as well to accommodate for the extra room. I think it flows a lot better now, hopefully you agree!

3. The Shoreside Hotel level now opens with a little stroll through the overrun city, similar to Redfield Manor this improves the overall flow of the level by spacing things out a little more. And of course more space means MORE ZOMBIES! 

4. Zombies no longer get confused and simply stop walking when they encounter a locked door. The AI will now realise the door is locked and look for somewhere else to move to.

5. The walking and running speed of zombies has been slightly increased to raise the overall level of challenge a little. Things have been a bit too easy if you ask me.

6. The movement of the player when in AIMED mode is now much, much slower. Basically the instant kill AIMED mode will only be effective when the player has the time and space to get set and they are already vaguely aimed at the zombie. Spinning round relatively quickly and picking zombies off one by one is no longer doable. Sorry.

7. The Docks have been increased in size, the first two locations now contain an extra warehouse! Again, changes have also been made to where ammo and everything spawns to make better use of the space.

8. There is now a pathway through the Jarvis Prison courtyard area to allow players to quickly make their way to the nearest doors, plus I have fenced off the football pitch area in order to make the whole thing look better. Oh and it might be worth trying to score a goal if you haven’t done so before…

9. Permanent Ammo and Health locations have been added to all levels. The respawn locations are all the same but this now means that there are spots in the level where one health pack or ammo crate will always spawn but only once per level. These are more hidden than the one’s that respawn to seek them out.

10. The City Sewers have had a number of visual additions such as dripping water and cables but the main thing is that the final Gold Gate has been moved to the start of the tunnel so the player doesn’t wander all the way up it only to find they need a key.

11. Changing weapons now triggers a nice little Audio cue.

12. Increased the brightness from gunflashes

13. When using a controller, Weapon Change has been reverted to Left and Right on the D-Pad as opposed to Up and Down.

14. The volume of player footsteps has been increased. Literally couldn’t hear it before.

15. Fixed a bug where the player would no longer be able to switch weapons when playing with a controller once they pause and unpause the game.

16. Fixed a bug which occurred when a player completed a level and moved onto the next one, the game would think you already had all the keys so you could simply go and unlock any door you wanted. Not anymore though!


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    By: Tom Gilchrist

    Tom is the founder of Borderline Inappropriate Game Studios and doesn’t know why he chose such a long company name either.

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