Undead Blackout v1.1. – The Mega List Of Updates

It has been two weeks since Undead Blackout launched and in that time I have not put my feet up and relaxed, instead I have been manically working on a whole load of updates and improvements for the game. This is the first of many further improvements, the next batch will likely include some additional levels so keep an eye out for that! Anyway, here is everything that has changed in version 1.1


  • Survival Mode has been completely redesigned. The player is now stuck within an enclosed arena type environment e.g. the main hall of the Manor and must survive for as long as possible. This increases the amount of action as the zombies spawn within meters of the player. To further increase the action and (hopefully) the fun, more ammo and health spawns nearby and weapons will spawn every minute or so. This means Survival Mode is very much its own beast now as before it was too similar to the main style of play.
  • The location of the keys has been tweaked in all levels to make it so that there are three distinct areas within each level, essentially the bronze, silver and gold areas, meaning the player no longer has to wander the entire level looking for keys but they cannot access certain parts of the level until they have the required key. This stops players getting lost and improves the flow of each level.
  • Jarvis Prison has been completely redesigned to accommodate for the new key positioning and the requirement for a Survival Mode “Arena” area.
  • The Sewer layout has been changed for the same reasons as above.
  • All levels now have big bright orange arrows in the general vicinity of the Level End so as to avoid any confusion of how to actually finish a level.
  • There are now three ammo crates in the level as opposed to two and there are four additional spawn points.
  • There are now two health packs at any time as opposed to one, there have been four more spawn points added.
  • Mouse Aim has been improved and there is now an setting in the Options Menu to let the game know if you will be playing using mouse/keyboard.
  • The Down Button on the D-Pad now goes to the previous weapon.
  • The Camera has been pulled out to allow for a wider view of the area and allow the player more time to react to threats
  • The max speed of the zombies has been increased slightly to compensate for the factors giving the player more of an advantage.
  • Zombies now also deal out a bit more damage. Again, if the player gets more ammo then it needs to be balanced with more threatening zombies.
  • The zombie AI now has a wider radius to pick a location from within when randomly wandering around the map. This should lead to more varied positioning.
  • Zombies now recoil from attacks and will pause their movement momentarily. This gives the player a chance to escape or to continue attacking safe in the knowledge they cannot be harmed during the recoil animation.
  • The zombies spawn in specific areas and if the player happens to be standing right in that area, the game will no longer spawn a zombie there.
  • The blood decals which popped in when a zombie died now fade in for a more realistic look and there are five designs which will randomly appear.
  • The HUD has been redesigned to make the information less overbearing and more minimalist.
  • The current weapon is now displayed with a small picture in the corner, making it easier for the player to know what is equipped.
  • A targeting aid/crosshair has been added to the HUD. This will change to Red when the player is aiming.
  • Weapons now make a brighter and larger flash to briefly illuminate the surrounding area, thus providing the player with a brief look at their entire surroundings.
  • Weapons now carry over from one level to the next in Arcade mode. If you die, then you start with nothing.
  • Loading Screen now fades in and out of view. Just because it looks nice. As does the Level Complete screen.
  • The Loading Screen now requires players to hit Start to being the level.
  • Level Restart now unloads the level and reloads (loading screen and all). This is to iron out a few bugs with resetting positions of actors within the level, everything goes back to where it should be if you start from the beginning again!
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    By: Tom Gilchrist

    Tom is the founder of Borderline Inappropriate Game Studios and doesn’t know why he chose such a long company name either.

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