You Wait Ages For One Update The Two Come Along At Once (Kinda)

That’s right, patch 1.4 is very shortly releasing for Undead Blackout, this is much less of an overhaul and more a case fine tuning a few things that still needed sorting after patch 1.3. I say a few things, there are 20-something fixes, updates and changes in this patch and there will be more to come. I was hoping that Steam Achievements would be in this update but I decided to get this out quicker and then focus on achievements for 1.5. They are definitely coming though. Probably.

Patch Notes

  1. Mouse Control is massively overhauled and actually works now. The player now turns and faces the exact mouse position rather then weirdly turning in that vague direction. Also I have added Reload (Middle Mouse) and Use (Right Mouse) actions to the mouse.
  2. All doors that require a key to open now have 1-3 keys attached to the top of the door to make it quicker and easier to spot whether or not a door needs a key.
  3. Increased the number of spawn points within each level in order to get a better spread on the zombies. 
  4. Changed the order at which Zombie Spawns become active so once the player collects the Bronze Key, the Silver area begins spawning zombies etc. Changed the order that Zombie Spawn Points become ‘active’ within each level. Previously they were not activating before the player got there and so there were not many zombies wandering around, this should solve that.
  5. Additional zombies now spawn when entering a new area, this is over the regular amount of zombies found during the level and is there in order to make sure the action stays relatively constant throughout.
  6. Changed the light placed behind the character (to allow you to see them better) so that it doesn’t create a reflection on shiny surfaces.
  7. The shotgun now behaves more like a shotgun with the damage reducing the further away from the zombies that you are. It will now do a one-shot kill when pretty close to the zombies.
  8. Fixed End Of Level Zombie spawners not correctly setting zombie footstep audio on all levels.
  9. Stopped zombies from playing the “zombie moan” audio twice simultaneously when being attacked.
  10. Reduced distance before zombie self destruct kicks in. This is when a zombie wanders too far from the player and dies so that a new zombie can respawn nearer to the player.
  11. Repositioned the fire particle effect on the burning zombies so as to block the reflection from the point light on the floor.
  12. Changed How To Play menu to update as player scrolls up and down instead of needing the A button to be pressed.
  13. Fixed the Redfield Manor door not locking during Survival Mode.
  14. Stopped the door slam noise at the start of loading the Redfield Manor level.
  15. Draw distance on Redfield Manor basic door has been increased, it was disappearing too early and could be spotted by the player.
  16. Added more colour varieties to the barrels strewn about the level.
  17. Fixed incorrectly placed decals in the City Sewer level.
  18. Increased draw distance on props for the Sewers as they were just not appearing.
  19. Added additional material to second and third areas within the City Sewers level in order to give it a bit more variety.
  20. Lowered the specularity of the concrete floor in the prison, it was too shiny
  21. Renamed Riverside Hotel to Shoreside Hotel
  22. Fixed incorrectly placed zombie spawners in the Shoreside Hotel level
  23. Fixed Shoreside Hotel main door not locking during Survival Mode
  24. Changed text in Toggle Window option as it was dumb
  25. Updated all Level Loading images as I was getting bored of them.
  26. Update the Main Menu images to some trees.
  27. Updated How To Play images as previous images were now from a version that is too old.

That’s it for now. Thanks. Bye.

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    By: Tom Gilchrist

    Tom is the founder of Borderline Inappropriate Game Studios and doesn’t know why he chose such a long company name either.

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