Undead Blackout 1.2 Patch Notes

Just in time for Easter/Cadbury’s Chocolate Appreciation Day I am delighted to drop the 1.2 patch (not 1.3 as I kept saying on Twitter for some reason??) for Undead Blackout. Patch 1.2 addresses many issues that became apparent once the game got out into the world and as well as other tweaks and improvements that I have just decided I wanted to make. Thanks for all the support of everyone who has purchased the game so far, lots of work is going into improving it and there is still more to come.


  1. All-New Aimed Shooting – Previously aiming (holding left trigger/left shift) would essentially double the power of a bullet, so pistols killed zombies in two shots while shotguns did it in one. I thought about this and realised you could obviously head shot a zombie with a pistol while aiming probably and so have updated the aiming accordingly. Now when you aim, a red laser sight will appear once a bar found in the bottom right hand corner has filled up. Then you can one-shot kill any zombie with any weapon. The speed at which this fills depends on the weapon, getting a headshot with a shotgun is quicker than a pistol as you have to be less accurate with the shotgun, vaguely wave it at their head and it will do the job. This has resulted in much more satisfying gunplay.  
  2. Keys Are Easier To Find  – One thing that was clear with the game is that actually it can be a little confusing where you have to go and where the keys spawn within the level so that has been addressed. You still need to search high and low for the keys, but they will now always spawn beside some kind of flame, be it a candle or a burning oil drum. This means if you see a golden light at the corner of the screen, chances are you should check it out. This also has the added bonus of giving the player more light in the darkness.    
  3. There Is More Light! – Yes the point of the game is to wander around in the dark and trying not to get killed, but perhaps it was just a touch too dark so that has now been solved by the addition of a second (not very obvious) light on the character. What this does is provide a little pool of light behind you and gives you a vital second or two to spot a zombie creeping up from the rear. 
  4. Super Fast Boot-Up – While working on the Xbox One version it became very clear that rather than just being a bit slow to boot up, something was actually wrong and that was causing a delay to the game launching. This was to do with a portion called the Game Mode and after much investigating, tweaking and swearing those issues have been resolved and the game boots up in around ~2 SECONDS. This is absolute lighting speeds compared to where we were at before.
  5. Game Now Running On Unreal Engine 4.15 – We have updated to the latest version of Unreal Engine which has brought a host of changes and improvements to many aspects of the game, Epic’s change log can be found here but things such as Texture Streaming improvements mean that loading is quicker for us.
  6. How To Play Section Added To Main Menu – There is now a very helpful How To Play section which details….how to play the game. It covers everything from controls to spawning behaviour and should allow players to go into the game for the first time a bit less confused.
  7. Improved Mouse Controls – The game was primarily designed to be played with a controller but we do of course accomodate those who wish to play using a keyboard or a keyboard and mouse. Previously the mouse controls were pretty rubbish so they have been tweaked and improved. For secret reasons you now need to activate Mouse Control from the Options but this ten means that moving the mouse left rotates you left. The character does not orient itself to mouse position though, it simply rotates the way you move the mouse.
  8. Zombie AI Tweaks – At times it felt a little lonely and this was down to the zombies having their own set of commands which meant unless they saw or heard you, they would just be wandering around the place. Something I discovered though was that occasionally they would get to a point where they stopped wandering and just stood there, which meant the chances of you bumping into them were decreased, well no more! Now zombies continually roam the halls and the action does seem to have been increased.
  9. Further Tweaks To Level Layout – Some changes were made in the previous update and this expands on that a little further with updates to the position of spawned items but also the improvement to the actual design of the levels. Nuclear Bunker and City Sewers being the chief beneficiaries here. Further improvements are very likely.
  10. More Blood – This is pretty self-explanatory isn’t it? Zombies now spurt more blood when you shoot them or smash them with the axe. Gross.
  11. Story Mode Narrative Updated – I mean who cared about the story really? This is not that kind of game, it is just running through levels shooting zombies. So the story text has been simplified, no more tracking a missing sister now it is simply getting to the Bunker before the nukes drop.
  12. Windowed Mode – As requested by Steam User Heiach, we now have the ability to toggle between Full-Screen and Windowed modes. This is found in the Options menu.
  13. UI Improvements – Across pretty much all the menu’s there have been improvements from changing fonts sizes to making the text all capitals. Anything that I felt improved the quality.
  14. New SFX and Ambient Sounds  – Levels now features some ambient sounds such as birds chirping, the wind howling or distant gunfire. This helps add to the realism and immersion of levels but also just sounds nice. The pistol has also had it’s sound made a little beefier.
  15. All New Soundtrack – New music has been provided by Harry Burt and all old tracks have been replaced.


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    By: Tom Gilchrist

    Tom is the founder of Borderline Inappropriate Game Studios and doesn’t know why he chose such a long company name either.

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